bentonite sulphur 90 fertilizer or sulfuric acid?

Bentonite sulphur 90 fertilizer or sulfuric acid?bentonite sulphur 90 fertilizer

bentonite sulphur 90 fertilizer is used for most of the crops such as grain and corn, and it causes improving crop’s quality and vegetable oil productions. In addition to these crops, most of the greenhouses to achieve the desired fertility use bentonite sulphur 90 fertilizer.

Besides the sulfur bentonite fertilizer which greenhouses owners use it to reform the soil, injection the sulfuric acid into the water is another solution that most of them use it in order to decrease the soil PH.

Determining the best time for using bentonite sulphur 90 fertilizer or sulfuric acid.

Using bentonite sulphur 90 fertilizer in the greenhouse’s soli or injecting sulfuric acid into the water is required when the soil PH or HCO3 in water is high. Diagnosing these cases is possible in three ways:

  1. Whenever ferrum or micronutrient shortage is identified in greenhouse.
  2. whenever the PH of the cultivation be high.
  3. When the leaf of plants which are sensitive to alkalize be yellow.

Choosing bentonite sulphur 90 fertilizer or sulfuric acid

Most of the choose sulfuric acid or bentonite sulfur 90 fertilizer base on the situations and consider each one suitable for a particular type o condition, for instance:

Benefits of using sulfuric acid

  • Reducing ammonia sublimation
  • Increasing soil permeability
  • Reducing high risk of Bor in soil

Benefits of using sulfur bentonite fertilizer

  • increasing micronutrient solubility
  • removing HCO3 in the soil.
  • reducing acidification
  • reforming saline and alkaline soils.

But it’s important to consider that using the sulfuric acid is dangerous and you should take necessary precautions for carrying, maintaining and using it. To avoid possible dangerous, we suggest to use sulfur with organic matters (sulfur bentonite fertilizer) and thiobacillus bacteria.

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