sulfur bentonite fertilizer uses

Sulfur bentonite fertilizer uses

In this article we are going to investigate cause and effect of using sulfur bentonite fertilizer. Sulfur is an important element which plays a key role in formation the suitable growth condition of a plant. In the condition that soil is exposed to water;  the plant need more sulfur . In this case, the agricultural experts suggest that farmer can add sulfur as a fertilizer.

For choosing the suitable fertilizers in these kind of soils, it requires to measure the soil’s PH, then by considering the PH you can choose the kind of sulfur bentonite fertilizer.

Acidic soil;

sulfur bentonite fertilizer for acidic or alkalin soil

If the soil that you are using is acidic, so you can choose calcium sulphate as the source of sulfur. This combination contains 18 percent sulfur and 22 calcium and in addition supplying the amount of the sulfur and calcium, increases the PH of the soil.

Alkaline soil;

In the case that the soil is alkali, by adding some acidic substances you can remove it and reduce the PH. Using sulphur bentonite fertilizer is one solution for this problem, since the sulfur is acidic and causes to decrease the PH.

Sulfur bentonite fertilizer mechanism in the soil:

As a result of oxidizing bacteria’s activities, the sulfur converts to sulfuric acid. If the sulful particles be smaller and distribute more uniformly, the speed of oxidizing will be more.

Oxidizing sulfur results to acidify the soil. The sulphur bentonite fertilizer will use For this reason to reform the alkaline soils. Oxidizing sulfur lasts 3 to 4 weeks in suitable heat and humidity. Some people solubilize kinds of sulfur fertilizers like SO2 and polysulfide and add it to water in the irrigation time.

Sulfur bentonite fertilizer, when used in soil, quickly changes to very little particles, reacts with organic compounds of the soil and changes to needed plant sulfate.

Also, according to performed operational tests, the size of this fertilizer seeds adjusted in a way that it’s distribution in farm is monotonic and easy to do by centrifuge machine.

According to results achieved from report of the soil and water research institute of agriculture ministry of  iran, impact of this company’s bentonite fertilizer use on the agricultural production had been very great and in the following table is described.

Image Product Test field(state) Average percentage of product production increase
Image result for Corn Corn Kermanshah , Khorasan , Kerman 11%
Image result for Cotton Cotton Semnan,Tehran 27%
Image result for Rapeseed Rapeseed Ardabil, Qom, Mazandaran, Khoozestan 30%
Image result for soya plant Soya Alborz, Mazandaran, Ardabil 23%
Wheat Azarbayjane sharghi, Fars, Isfahan, Kermanshah, Khoozestan, Semnan 20%

Irasulph as the sulfur bentonite fertilizer supplier:

In order to promote using different kind of sulfur fertilizers in the field of agriculture in the Asian countries and with the goal of improving the agriculture product’s quality in vast farms, the irasulph company started to produce industrial enriched and organic fertilizers .

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