What is sulphur bentonite fertilizer

What Is Sulphur Bentonite fertilizer?

Sulphur bentonite fertilizer is a form of granular fertilizer which provides the required sulfur of plant and rectifies the alkaline soil. The granules of this fertilizer are composed of very little components.

Formulation of Sulfur bentonite fertilizer contains expansive substances that disintegrate the granules of fertilizer and scatters in the soil.

Sulphur bentonite fertilizer

Sulfur is abundantly available in plants, especially in their leaves. This element is responsible for producing protein in plant but the most important task of sulfur is contributing in creation of amino acid and consequently protein synthesis. This element is an important factor in making essential vitamins for plant metabolism.

Sulphur bentonite fertilizer is one of the most significant suppliers of uncommon and rare elements for agricultural and garden plants.

Advantages of Sulphur bentonite fertilizer

Mixture of organic materials and alkaline feature of agricultural lands result in some problems such as reduction of fertility level of soil and environmental crisis.

In regard to benefits of sulfur in nature, application of Sulphur bentonite fertilizer can remove lots of these problems. Following advantages are mentioned for Sulphur bentonite fertilizer :

  • Sulphur disinfects the soil as a result of its fungicide feature.
  • Usage of Sulphur bentonite fertilizer ends in releasing the integrated nutrients of soil.
  • Sulphur plays an important role in synthesis process of plant. Application of Sulphur bentonite fertilizer will increase the growth of plant.
  • Application of Sulphur will lower the PH of alkaline soils and rectify it which leads to improve the absorption of elements such as nitrogen, phosphate, and micro- nutrients, resulting in a unique environment for growth of plant species.
  • Sulfur bentonite fertilizer will increase the resistance of plant against coldness.
  • A large amount of Sulphur components turn into sulfate and provides the plant with required nutrients of this element.
  • good smell of some plants and vegetables is the result of volatile Sulphur components. Sulfur bentonite fertilizer will increase the amount of perfume.

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