Sulphur Bentonite Price List

Sulphur Bentonite Price List:

Here you can send an email for being update about our price list then you can compare different types and check specification for each type to choose the best fertilizer for your farm.

If you have any question about our product also you can be contact us by email or whatsapp number 00989151125005





Why Irasulph sulphur bentonite price is Low?

If you are comparing our prices with other manufacturers in the world, you might be surprised  how lower we can offer you our products. Here is why we can produce in lowest price:


#1>Why Irasulph sulphur bentonite price is economical ?

In comparing with the other brand in the world you might be surprised but we have our reason .

Please pay attention to these facts:



#2 >Shipping is very cheap in free seas :

Our Factory is just an hour far to the Persian gulf , so we don’t pay lots of money to ship the product, from the doors of our factory to free seas in the middle east is just an hour. many factories have to pay lots of money for shipping. So we can keep our price as lowest in the world.


#3 >Worker price is too low here!

You might be surprised if you know a worker payment in Iran is just three dollars a day . So there is a little workers payment in the total price of sulphur bentonite made by our company.

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Contact our team;

You can contact our trading team for information on the price list of Irasulph products and find out about the terms of sale of the products of this company and the amount of discounts for each product.

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