Deficiency of Sulfur bentonite fertilizer and Symptoms

Deficiency of Sulfur Bentonite fertilizer and Symptoms

The purpose of this paper is to explain the Deficiency of Sulfur Bentonite fertilizer and Symptoms. Sulfur is an important nutrient that is essential for plant growth. Cereals, fruits and vegetables … all need sulfur to grow better. You can used Appearance signs and soil tests for identify sulfur deficiency disadvantages.

Sources of Sulphur Deficiency

Naturally, plants acquire sulfur from the environment and through SO2 gas from industrial processes that enter the natural cycle. But today, the absorption of sulfur from the atmosphere is difficult for plants, and the atmosphere can not be the only supplier of sulfur needed to grow plants.

What is the reason for this change?

Combining fuels and other regulations on environmental pollution control, especially air pollution for humans, has reduced the amount of sulfur in the atmosphere for plants.

In addition to the lack of sulfur in the atmosphere, agriculture has grown much more than before. There are other factors that reduce the amount of sulfur present in the soil or even remove sulfur in the soil;

Increasing agricultural production by increasing the use of chemical and organic fertilizers, intensifying product systems, increasing the variety of crops and improving irrigation systems.

Other reasons for reducing sulfur can be noted: the increase compared to the above analysis, sulfur fertilizers such as urea, ammonium phosphate and potassium chloride, are added to lower sulfur content. Reducing farmers’ use of traditional organic fertilizers and, most importantly, reducing the use of sulfur fertilizers.

Symptoms of sulfur deficiency in plants

  • In plants, sulfur deficiency appears as pale and jaundiced in young leaves and plantar ends.
  • Sulfur deficiency has important effects on plant growth, the stems are thin and the leaves are wrapped up.
  • In plants, sulfur deficiency causes the accumulation of non-protein nitrogen, and the use of these plants is harmful and harmful to ruminants.
  • Sulfur deficiency also causes nitrate accumulation in plants that are toxic to animals….

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