Irasulph company is a full service manufacturing and trading company.

bentonite sulphur manufacturers

the founder of the company,Mr Reza Nakhavali has over 15 years of work in this field.Irasulph company has expertise in all aspects of agricultural major including fertilizer, produce agro commodities and also special control system for green house in the both public and private sector.

Irasulph has notable accomplishments in many aspects of agricultural field.we have lots of customers throughout our country Iran. .  Our expertise extends to all aspects of commercial and agricultural in both private and the public sector. Because of their ability to generate unique and creative solutions to complex agricultural problems, IRASULPH  has worked closely with farmers to develop new way to produce the products.


The people of IRASULPH  have made a commitment to deliver the highest quality of fertilizer. Informed by current technologies, budget schedule, and client priorities, they strive for perfection in service and product.  Excellence and innovation describe the reputation, which they expect will become synonymous with the name Irasulph company




Message of CEO:

Thank you very much for visiting the Irasulph website.

Here we try to supply high quality fertilizer with the most reasonable price for our invaluable customers. “Our customers are our partners”

In Irasulph the entire team is working with an eye to strengthen our ability to meet today’s increasingly complex market needs .this is our perspective that drives us forward in cultivating the sustainable growth that will yield a brighter tomorrow for everyone.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and encouragement.