Observing technical notes in sulfur fertilizer consumption

This consumption of this fertilizer should be based on soil examination and related specialist’s recommendation.

Sulfur fertilizer to be used by plant should convert to sulfate, first. This is possible with the help of Tybacilus bacteria that live in the soil in aerobic condition. As we know, unfortunately , amount of these bacteria decreased, due to a sharp decrease in the percentage of organic materials in the country’s agricultural soils. So it’s necessary for sulfur fertilizer to be consumed with Tybacilus bacteria or be mixed and consumed with animal and organic fertilizers. Add 2 kg Tybacilus bacteria per each 100 kg sulfur fertilizer consumed and mix thoroughly.

Do the resulting mixture in the last step of preparing the ground and then quickly be used in the farm

Using this fertilizer in water and drought areas with low rainfall is not recommended.

Using this fertilizer in flood condition, tea and rice fields and in gypsum and acid soils is not recommended either.

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