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sulphur bentonite price

Sulphur Bentonite Price List

Sulphur Bentonite Price List: Here is a price list for sulphur bentonite fertilizer, you can compare different types and check specification for each type to choose the best fertilizer for your farm. If you have any question about our product also for being update about bentonite sulphur 90 , please be contact us by email […]

bentonite sulphur 90 fertilizer or sulfuric acid?

Bentonite sulphur 90 fertilizer or sulfuric acid? bentonite sulphur 90 fertilizer is used for most of the crops such as grain and corn, and it causes improving crop’s quality and vegetable oil productions. In addition to these crops, most of the greenhouses to achieve the desired fertility use bentonite sulphur 90 fertilizer. Besides the sulfur bentonite […]

sulfur bentonite fertilizer uses

Sulfur bentonite fertilizer uses In this article we are going to investigate cause and effect of using sulfur bentonite fertilizer. Sulfur is an important element which plays a key role in formation the suitable growth condition of a plant. In the condition that soil is exposed to water;  the plant need more sulfur . In […]

Sulphur bentonite fertilizer manufacturing process

Sulphur bentonite fertilizer manufacturing process How Sulphur bentonite fertilizer is manufactured? We are going to tell you the whole story on how we produce this strategic product in accordance with latest standards and how Sulphur bentonite fertilizer manufacturer . Take a tour to Irasulph company, as the biggest manufacturer of sulfur in middle-east and as the pioneer of […]

What is sulphur bentonite fertilizer

What Is Sulphur Bentonite fertilizer? Sulphur bentonite fertilizer is a form of granular fertilizer which provides the required sulfur of plant and rectifies the alkaline soil. The granules of this fertilizer are composed of very little components. Formulation of Sulfur bentonite fertilizer contains expansive substances that disintegrate the granules of fertilizer and scatters in the […]