Sulphur Bentonite

To be used

Sulphur bentonite 90 is a fertilizer and the base of this product is Sulphur + Bentonite. The best formula is with 90% Sulphur. Sulfur is one of the 4 essential elements of plants. So, this product is one of the popular goods in farming. Especially, for the regions in which their farming soils are alkaline.

To be used

Sulphur bentonite 90, is a granulated Sulphur fertilizer that by applying in the soil, its inner bentonite, gradually, absorbs the soil moisture and swell (volume increase). in effect of volume increase, Sulphur bentonite disjoint in the soil and its Sulphur convert into very little particles that this case causes easiness in absorption of Sulphur particles by soil molecules.

therefore, the plants requirement for Sulphur is provided and PH of alkaline soils are also reformed, and it modify easily.

Sulphur Bentonite (Agricultural sulphur as fertilizer)

Physical property


Yellow-Green Solid, pastilles shape


May have a slight sulphur odor

Bulk density


Main Pastilles Size
(min 70%)

Diameter 2 -5 mm


Sulphur content


Bentonite content



0.5% max


Neutral when dry

Package size

25kg Bags & 1000kg MBB


Agricultural industry use as: nutrients ,pesticides and soil amendments (sulphur lowering alkaline soils pH)

Advantages (benefits)

mechanism (How it works):

As the bentonite absorbs moisture from the soil, the pastilles swell and break apart, release the sulphur particles in the range 20-500 micron, so quantity and quality of agricultural crops will improve.

Normal Handling

Avoid breathing dust and keep clothing as free from dust as possible.


Store in a cool, dry, well ventilated area. Protected from physical damage and sealed when not in use. Ensure no naked flames are present.