We as IRASULPH have over 15 years of work in Sulphur field. Although Sulphur has composited our main activity, but IRASULPH company has expertise in some aspects of agricultural major including fertilizer such as bentonite Sulphur 90, Sulphur Powder, and Urea. So, in this regard, we have notable accomplishments in many aspects of agricultural field.

IRASULPH works in Sulphur field in all types such as: Lump-Granule- Pastille- flake and export them to many countries all over the world.

We have lots of customers throughout the world in private sections and government. Some of them are traders or importers and some are end users (Producer of Acid sulphuric, Chemical fertilizer production plants, ...) Our expertise extends to all aspects of commercial and agricultural in both private and the public sector. Because of their ability to generate unique and creative solutions to complex agricultural problems, IRASULPH has worked closely with farmers to develop new way to produce the products.

IRASULPH, has made a commitment to deliver the highest quality of goods. Informed by current technologies, budget schedule, and client priorities, they strive for perfection in service and product. Excellence and innovation describe the reputation, which they expect will become synonymous with the name IRASULPH company.