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IRASULPH company has expertise in aspects of agricultural major including fertilizer, Supplying refinery and petrochemical commodities and in transportation them to your destination


“IRASULPH” has tried to accomplishments in many markets like Petrochemical goods & some agricultural fields, have lots of customers throughout the region and other countries.

Our expertise extends to all aspects of commercial and agriculture in both the private and the public sectors. Because of our ability to generate unique and some solutions to supply the best qualities, fast transportation, and services which buyers need So, we could acquire most part of the market in Sulphur field, fertilizers and …

We, always consider ourselves as the partner of buyers (Although we are as the seller the cargo to buyers, but it is to start of our commitment and we, always try to support them by best prices and good support & programing for reaching cargo on time)


Sulphur is widely used in free and in combination, but it is mostly used for the preparation of chemical compounds and intermediate products in the industrial cycle. The highest consumption of sulfur in recent years has been in the agricultural industry

bentonit sulphur irasulph

Sulphur Bentonite

Sulphur bentonite 90, is a granulated Sulphur fertilizer that by applying in the soil, its inner bentonite, gradually, absorbs the soil moisture and swell (volume increase). in effect of volume increase, Sulphur bentonite disjoint in the soil and its Sulphur convert into very little particles that this case causes easiness 

Sulphur Powder

Sulphur powder

Sulphur powder is produced in the factory by different mesh sizes. 100, 150, 200, 325, 450, 500, 800, 1000, 2000. whatever the number is bigger, the size of the micronized mesh is smaller (and goes toward micron and smaller and smaller) and but let’s explain applications:


More than 90% of the urea produced in the world is consumed in agriculture industry. This material is used to produce a variety of nitrogen fertilizers. This substance has the highest amount of nitrogen among other compounds.



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