Our Services

The main our services are export of Sulphur to many countries such as China, India, some African countries and etc., that means we buy Sulphur directly from refineries or other producers of this product in middle east, and transport carefully to the BND ports and then we depot them in our warehouse, then we load in the vessel who has been chartered for a determined date (as the lay can time) and when finished loading we deliver the cargo or the buyer (This term is our FOB commitment).

If our sales incoterms would be as DAP or CFR or other terms, then we do our duty based on that. Despite this, we supply urea and bentonite Sulphur 90 too

Our supply chain is including refineries of Iran, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan that supply us by truck and wagon however sometimes we work with many local suppliers. Our suppliers are important partners that they have promised us to provide value and supply us at the lowest time with best quality and quantity.

Our main job is to buy products from refineries, which we transport to Bandar Abbas and sell to our customers in the INCOTERMS of FOB or CFR.