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contact irasulph as the best Sulphur bentonite manufacturer. irasulph aims to improve quality as well as the amount of agricultural products by using high quality and eco-friendly fertilizers.

To achieve this goal, Irasulph is going to produce the best quality of Sulphur bentonite fertilizer by using the high-tech technologies .

Irasulph Company, Sulphur bentonite manufacturer, is ready to provide farmers with high amount and best quality of Sulphur bentonite. The company is going to become known as the best Sulphur bentonite manufacturer in the Middle East and export its productions to other countries.

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  +98 5137055050

  +98 5137054050

   +98 9151125005

   +98 5137057281

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 Image result for address icon pngNO 602 – PAZH TOWER 2 – JANBAZ SQUARE