Urea 46%(Carbamide) is a product that produces in petrochemical factories. About 90% of the usage of this product, is in the agriculture industry. That is a water-soluble fertilizer. The most common impurity of Urea is Biuret. Due to this, the best Urea is the one with low Biuret (less than 1%)

Types and shapes that you can see are “Prilled, Granular, Technical”


To be used

More than 90% of the urea produced in the world is consumed in agriculture industry. This material is used to produce a variety of nitrogen fertilizers. This substance has the highest amount of nitrogen among other compounds. When urea-containing fertilizer is added to the soil, it can be converted to ammonia and carbon dioxide in the soil. Ammonia is converted to nitrate by bacteria in the soil, which is easily absorbed by plants. The very important effect that these fertilizers have on the growth of plants has increased their acceptance in the crop market. Although this product use in other industries too.

Urea specification:

Packing: 50 kg bags/ Balk urea